Who is this Mr Tesho, actually?

Recipes are a chef’s best kept secret ñ that’s how our name seems to roll as well: its genesis and meaning remain unknown. But one thing is for sure, it sound awesome! A few more hints might be found in the About section.

What makes TESHO’S so special?

We stand for an individualistic blend of creations both stylish and casual ñ representing a relaxed chic which does not care for rules and conventions.

Where do your products come from?

We only cooperate with carefully selected work-shops who we have known personally for a long time to be reliable partners. This guarantees for excellent quality and trust.

Buying jewelry online ñ how stupid can you be?

Not stupid at all but rather smart, very smart in-deed. Some of the perks: choose and compare with-out being in a hurry, profit from attractive prices because we don’t have to pay any shop rent, have the jewelry delivered to your door comfortably, and just in case you don’t like a piece simply send it back.

I like the ring / necklace / bracelet but…

You have found the ideal piece of jewelry for you but a slightly different style or color would please you even better? No problem, just let us 10 know and we will see what we can do!

It’s my cat’s namesday tomorrow – will the eight rings for her arrive on time?

We offer you multiple ways of delivery with DHL and UPS plus, there is an express option available. For details please see delivery options.

I have received my shipment but it seems to me that one item looks different from the webshop.

Minimal deviations for example concerning color are due to production and do not constitute a defect. We only use professional photography but even the best picture cannot replace you own visual impression.

Just now I had an exciting idea for your collection!

We are truly open-minded when it comes to suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have a special idea for a piece of jewelry. General comments are also welcome of course!

Are there any specific care instructions for TESHO’S jewelry?

Generally it is sufficient to gently clean the jewelry with a soft cloth from time to time. We recommend to refrain from using any aggressive detergents such as glass cleaners to remove finger-marks.

I am allergic to XY, what do I have to consider?

TESHO’S jewelry is made exclusively from the mate-rials listed in the respective product description. Please bear in mind: sometimes metal worn on the skin might react with cosmetics applied before.

Who is the model in your product show?

We cooperate with different agencies and photographers, so apart from the TESHO’S brand ambassadors, the models are not exclusively signed for us and thus stay anonymous.

What is the meaning of all the forms and symbols used in your jewelry?

We do design based on aesthetic principles mainly. So for us, the meaning for example a graphic character might have in another context is irrelevant. 

Necklaces, rings, bracelets ñ what else?

We at TESHO’S are permanently striving to extend and refine our product range. What that means in future remains to be seen ñ we will let ourselves be surprised. Subscribing to our newsletter is a good idea, anyway!

What kind of jewelry suits me best ñ do you offer style counselling?

Our collection is set up to match well with many different looks and occasions. We recommend you simply order the item(s) that you like best instinctively and in case you two don’t get along at all: we have a generous return policy if all else fails.

What should I do if I don’t like an item I have ordered?

To be honest, this is rarely the case, but we are prepared: apart from your legal rights, you are entitled to return any item within 30 days of purchase. For details please see our return policy.

It’s a full moon tonight, will my Lucky U bracelet make me truly lucky?

Our lawyers advised us to be careful with the wording here, so let’s just say this: you look amazing with it!