“Tesho?” the voice asked hesitantly.
“Yes, that is me” came the answer, continuing “
are you White Gold?
Your sister Rose and
your brother Yellow should come along as well!”

Tesho, the god of bijoux was planning a long trip to show the world and his style to the Gold siblings: gleaming lights of a downtown skyscraper, en-twined ornaments reflecting oriental heat, the pure coolness of Scandinavian coastlines.

And so they took off for a journey with-out a destination, which finally led them to Germany. Because there of all places a circle of remarkable experts had conspired to praise TESHO’S name.

That is according to legend at least. Others say that we at TESHO’S are a strong team with a combined experience in jewelry of more than 15 years. Our collection is as diverse as is our clientele: be it student or business woman, it girl or mother, every one of them will find exactly the piece of jewelry they are looking for. Regarding style, the collection presents itself versatilely, matching a luxurious blazer as well as a casual pair of jeans. Also, each item can easily be combined with one another making for perfect ensembles. And if worn as solitaire, it will equally take full effect.

Our style is modern, playful and sophisticated. We spend lots of time on research and travel to find inspiration and the latest trends and we only settle for the highest quality materials and production methods.

In service, we also work made-to-measure style: do you have a special request or a specific question that we have not yet answered in our FAQ? Then we will be more than happy to make your jewelry dreams come true. And that’s not a legend, promise!